What exactly are Hundies?

A. Hundies is an slang word for hundred dollar bills. It will be easy to figure out why we chose the name when you start seeing them piling up in your stats area :) We have been in the industry since 1998 and know what converts so give us a shot!

What is the minimum amount I need to make before I get paid?

A. The minimum amount that needs to be reached before receiving checks/epassporte/wires is different for US and Foreign Wembasters. Minimum amount for US webmasters is $100 USD and for Foreign webmasters it is $200 USD. At this time we do NOT pay by Paypal. If you earn less then the minimum payout your total will be carried over to the next pay period.

Who sends the checks and how often do I get paid?

A. Payroll company Total Reality Media cuts the checks and they will mail them out on the 10th and 25th of each month.

How often do you update your reality sites?

A. Most of our reality sites are updated each and every week with brand new fresh content. Our movie sites are also updated on a regular basis as we add more and more content.

Can I get higher payouts??

A. At the moment we are only paying a flat $35/signup for ALL signups. If we decide to go on a volume scale, we will amend our FAQ to reflect.

What forms of payment you offer? Wires? Epassporte?

A. We payout 3 different options. Look below for the options:
* Federal Express - if the payout for the period is over $1000 we cover fee. Otherwise you cover the expense.
* Wire transfer - if your earnings are less then $1,000.00 there will be a $40/fee international ($20/fee domestic) for the wire transfer. If you have earned over $1,000.00/payout we will cover the wire transfer expense
* Epassporte - we offer payment by epassporte and there is a $2 fee associated with this payment method.

Do you allow Blind Links? CJ traffic? Also, what is your spam policy??

A. We take all forms of traffic at Hundies. However in our experiences the lower quality traffic will results in much worse conversions.

Regarding SPAM: We have a ZERO Tolerance for SPAM and anyone found spamming will be TERMINATED from our program immediately. All cases are thoroughly investigated, and at first complaint of spam the account will be put on hold until further investigation is done.

Please read our Addendum to our TOS regarding "Can Spam Act"

Do you accept lolita, rape, beastiality, or other illegal traffic??

A. We DO NOT accept any traffic from Rape Sites, Lolita sites, Beastiality sites or any other sites that we deem innapropriate. If you think your site is questionable, just send us an email at scott@hundies.com and we'll let you know if we accept that type of traffic.

I have more questions, who do I contact??

A. We are always available to answer your questions, so feel free to contact us on ICQ or by e-mail at anytime. We are here to help you make as much money possible in this business and will do our best to assist you in your goals! Click here to go to our "Contact Form"


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